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Reading this book was like reading all the things going on inside of me. I cried. I laughed. I understood more about me, my father and I was actually able to forgive him for a lot of things.

M. Zona

Wow! This book REALLY peels back the curtain. It provides so much useful information and really makes you realize just how much we never knew about men!

L. Rodriguez

A Very thought provoking and insightful book on the male mind. It will help you understand your man's way of thinking in ways you never knew before. A must read ....whether you are in a relationship or looking to be in one.

B. Matics

This book is extremely informative and very well written. A Must-read for those that want to know what makes "men tick!"

S. Sheiken

As a professional therapist dealing with families in crisis, The Man Puzzle has allowed me to approach problems with more understanding. A must read for every woman and every therapist!

L. Jenkins

Phil Petree - Author of The Man Puzzle

I was born in the mid-west and raised as a military brat traveling all over. This "nomad life" taught me how to make friends fast, to enjoy each relationship while it lasts and to integrate new thoughts and experiences into my life.

When I was a first grader I got a morning paper route delivering to over 50 homes. Sometimes the snow was so deep that my bicycle would stand on its own and the canvas newspaper bags would sit on top the snow and leave drag marks throughout my route. My paper route taught me 4 things about myself: 1) I like hard work; 2) there is nothing too tough for me; 3) no amount of adversity can make me quit; 4) having your own money is awesome!

I ended up in the Army as a high school dropout and Uncle Sam very wisely remedied that little problem... along with a few others. I attended college in Germany after my military service and earned an MBA, lived in the mountains of Colorado where I owned a bar, spent an entire summer living life as a scuba bum on the Greek island of Corfu, attended fashion week in Paris (yes, a woman made me go), attended the Cannes Film Festival, gambled in Monte Carlo ($50), was a guest on the tour bus of Kansas and the list goes on and on... a lot of REALLY cool memories! 

Eventually, I settled into a 17 year marriage and helped bring 4 great kids into this world while focusing on a few technology start-ups. I never made the millions that so many stories get told about but I earned a living, enjoyed an interesting career, made a lot of great friends and even drank a few $5000 bottles of wine along the way (and more than a few $5.00 bottles!).

After my divorce in 2001, I raised my kids on my own and that experience helped me truly understand the need for equality and brought to glaring light just how little men, especially single fathers, are understood.

These days, I've shifted my focus from technology to writing about men and The Man Puzzle, my first book, has taken years to research. I have personally interviewed 1000's of men, more scientists than you can count and more women than you would believe. I've heard the frustration from both sides.

My hope is that The Man Puzzle will help ease the way in relationships between men and women by giving women a direct, no nonsense insight into the heart, mind and soul of men.

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