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The Man Puzzle on Kindle      

Reading this book was like reading all the things going on inside of me. I cried. I laughed. I understood more about me, my father and I was actually able to forgive him for a lot of things.

M. Zona

Wow! This book REALLY peels back the curtain. It provides so much useful information and really makes you realize just how much we never knew about men!

L. Rodriguez

A Very thought provoking and insightful book on the male mind. It will help you understand your man's way of thinking in ways you never knew before. A must read ....whether you are in a relationship or looking to be in one.

B. Matics

This book is extremely informative and very well written. A Must-read for those that want to know what makes "men tick!"

S. Sheiken

As a professional therapist dealing with families in crisis, The Man Puzzle has allowed me to approach problems with more understanding. A must read for every woman and every therapist!

L. Jenkins

Do You REALLY Understand Men?

The Man Puzzle: A Guide To Understanding Men (Heart, Mind and Soul) is an open, honest and no nonsense book about how and why men are the way they are. The Man Puzzle is filled with insights, the latest research and many eye-opening revelations which will clear up the confusion and allow you to see what’s really going on inside of men.

Written in a conversational and straightforward manner, The Man Puzzle starts at childhood and explains what goes into making a good man (and what goes wrong) and then moves into how men communicate and argue. You’ll learn what men really think about sex, what male emotions look like, and what happens internally when men break up, including how men grieve.

The author researched his book by interviewing 1000’s of men from every racial, cultural, religious and socioeconomic background and objectively presents the results. The biological and scientific information presented is new, accurate, and may leave you wondering if men and women are even of the same species.

Men are much more complex than TV and magazine articles would have you believe and for the first time we now have a resource for understanding those complexities. If you want to learn how men think, what they feel, how they respond in interpersonal relationships, and even how men test women during the dating process, then The Man Puzzle is required reading!

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About The Man Puzzle

Simply put, The Man Puzzle is the most revealing book about what really goes on inside a man that has been written to date. The Man Puzzle starts at the beginning and covers what goes into making a good man (and what goes wrong) and then moves through how men communicate, how they argue, what their emotions look like, what they really think about sex, click to continue

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Inside The Man Puzzle

Do you have a difficult time understanding or relating to men? Have you ever wondered what makes a good man a good man and why some men don't turn out so well? Do you know what men REALLY think about sex or why lingerie may not be your best purchase? Did you know what really drives a man to cheat? Or what the latest research shows about domestic violence? click to continue

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Availability of The Man Puzzle

The Man Puzzle is available in paperback and is sold online and in bookstores worldwide. You can purchase from all the popular sites such as Amazon or Barnes and Nobles plus you can find e-books for all the top devices and is available through Apple iBooks, Amazon for the Kindle, Barnes & Nobles for the Nook. To find your favorite retailler just click to continue

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